Information for High Schools


Because of the popularity of forensic science in contemporary culture, we receive a tremendous number of requests from high school students, parents, and teachers for tours, interviews, and job-shadowing opportunities.  Some of these requests we can honor, and others we can't.


Tours - If you are interested in a tour of our laboratory, please click here for more information. We can schedule tours on a limited basis and must be arranged through a teacher at your school.  Public tours are also available at pre-scheduled times each month. 


Job Shadowing - Job shadowing is prohibited in our crime laboratory.  Due to the number of safety hazards that exist in the lab as well as the distraction created by guests during routine analytical work, job shadowing is not a feasible option.


Interviews - If you are interested in interviewing a forensic scientist for a school project, please email our Laboratory Director with information about your project, the name of your school, and the reason an interview is necessary.