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About our Laboratory

The DuPage County Crime Forensic Science Center (FSC) is located in Wheaton, Illinois, approximately 30 miles west of Chicago. Since May 1st, 1971, the citizens of DuPage County have benefited from the laboratory services provided by the Sheriff's FSC, which are made available to all law enforcement agencies in the county.  


Our Mission

The mission of the DuPage County FSC is to provide quality and timely forensic science services to the criminal justice system of DuPage County.  The laboratory has three sections:  Chemistry, Criminalistics and Forensic Biology/DNA which offer analysis in the disciplines of Drug Chemistry, Latent Prints and Forensic Biology/DNA.



The laboratory is accredited by ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) to the ISO/IEC 17025:2017,  ANAB Forensic Testing and Calibration AR 3125:2023 and the FBI Quality Assurance Standards for Forensic DNA Testing Laboratories:2020.

Accreditation Scope & Certificate


Agency Continuing Education

The class 'Introduction to Crime Laboratory Services' is expected to resume in November 2023. For more information about the class call (630) 407-2111.


Crime Laboratory Handbook

The Crime Laboratory Handbook, 25th Edition, contains critical information for law enforcement agencies regarding the types of analysis we provide, and the proper collection, preservation and submission of evidence to our laboratory.


Work Volume


Type of Assignment 2021 Completed 2022 Completed
Drug Chemistry 1,057 1,266
Forensic Biology / DNA 902 942
CODIS/CODIS-Administrative 525 430
Latent Prints 224 227
Cancellation of Testing 7 15
Supplemental 23 2
Proficiency Test 31 34
TOTAL: 2,769 2,916


Laboratory Sections

The Chemistry Section analyzes evidence suspected to contain cannabis or a controlled substance. 


The Criminalistics Section conducts analysis of evidence to determine if finger, palm, and footprints found at a crime scene can be identified as belonging to a suspect.  


The Forensic Biology/DNA Section comprises Forensic Biology and DNA.  Forensic biology involves the screening of items for bodily fluids and preparing those samples for DNA analysis. DNA refers to the analysis of samples in order to obtain a human DNA profile.


Special Thanks
Our staff at the DuPage County FSC would like to thank the National Institute of Justice for funding the creation of this website, which will facilitate communication and collaboration with our submitting agencies. 


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